Gusto Running was founded in 2013 by Kate Gustafson

As a former Women’s NCAA Division I Hockey player (named captain in her senior season), Kate loves sweaty pursuits. She has completed the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal, spent six weeks training at high altitude in Kenya, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, raced twelve marathons and is a proud Guinness world record holder for distance run on a treadmill by twelve women over twelve hours.

Her personal best times include 2:40:06 in the marathon and 1:18:14 in the half marathon.

Kate has led cross training at the Toronto Raptors Basketball Academy, Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey School, Annual Toronto Maple Leafs Scotiabank Girls Hockey Fest, Ottawa Senators Hockey Camps and Vancouver Canucks Female Hockey Jamboree.

In the fall of 2014, Kate launched Girls With Gusto, a pilot program for girls in Regent Park, one of Toronto’s most diverse neighbourhoods, to empower girls through running. In 2015, she co-founded Run To Give YVR to bring Vancouver's running community together to help the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre.

Kate also writes a blog; a project that started during a year spent travelling around the world.

After graduating from Union College in upstate New York, Kate began her career in advertising at JWT in Atlanta and Toronto. Kate spent the next few years in non-profit leading a team. Later, she made the jump to professional sports at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment before moving out to Vancouver to write for lululemon. As of Spring 2018, Kate is running, working and living in New York City.

Learn more about Kate, here.